Building life-changing relationships one at a time.

How will you join the movement?

Each week, students and mentors meet together to form meaningful relationships through a Kids Hope USA program. But we know that many more children could benefit from a mentor of their own. Your support and involvement help to make life-changing relationships happen, one child at a time. Discover opportunities to support Kids Hope USA programs financially and ways to serve as a mentor, prayer partner, or program director.


If your church or organization has a program, contact your director to discover how you can volunteer as a mentor, prayer partner, or director. If not, connect with your church leaders to consider starting a program. Read more about the three roles you could jump into with a Kids Hope USA program.


A mentor shares his or her time to provides the love of presence and the hope for a better tomorrow. They spend one hour each week investing and encouraging their student through a one-on-one relationship.


A prayer partner is a program volunteer who is matched with each mentor to provide prayer, support, encouragement, and accountability to ensure an enduring and successful relationship for the mentor and student.


A program director is a critical role in a successful and thriving Kids Hope USA program. Directors are thoroughly trained and support to ensure programs operate well and provide a transformative experience for each student.

Start a Program


Through a Kids Hope USA partnership, volunteer mentors are equipped to go into schools and develop meaningful one-on-one relationships with students.

Get involved as a church partner. Connect with your pastor about starting a Kids Hope USA program. Then, connect with us to connect with a local school.


Schools across the country know exactly why many students will thrive when they receive hope and love from adult mentor relationships.

Get your school partnered with a Kids Hope USA program by connecting with your principal. And, connect with us to match up with a church in your local community.

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